AliExpress 3C Accessories Category Standards

AliExpress 3C Accessories Category Standards

                                                                                          Revision time: 2015-9-8
In order to improve the overall product quality of 3C digital accessories on AliExpress, optimize buyer experience, and better regulate sellers publishing behavior, AliExpress has published the following category standards for 3C digital accessories. These standards were issued on Nov. 16, 2016 and entered into force as of Nov. 23, 2016.

1. Scope
This standard specifies the category standards for the following categories of goods:
- Phones & Telecommunications>Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts>Mobile Phone Chargers
- Phones & Telecommunications>Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts>External Battery Pack
- Phones & Telecommunications>Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts>Mobile Phone Batteries
AliExpress will add and regulate new categories based on the follow-up category development, and will publish them through website announcement within a reasonable period of time, instead of notifying you directly. The changed rules will come into effect after publication.

2. Product Release Specifications

2.1 Title Publishing Rules:
The title must contain the commodity name/ model/ specifications and other information, and cannot include any words or symbols that are irrelevant to factual information of the commodity. If the brand of the commodity has been applied for, the title must contain the brand name, commodity name/model/specifications, and other information.
1. For special accessories of branded goods, the commodity title must be in the form of “[Commodity name/model/specifications] + for + [Applicable brand/model] + [Other information]”. In the case of self-owned branded goods, the title must be in the form of “[Self-owned brand name] + [Commodity name/model/specifications] + for + [Applicable brand/model] + [Other information]”.
2. For non-branded accessories, the title cannot include “original”, “original factory”, or other similar words.

2.2. Image Publishing Rules:
Whether it be the front view, side view, back view of the commodity or the power connector image, basic commodity information must be clearly identifiable and be consistent with attribute information. The information includes commodity brand information, parameter information, and certification information (e.g. certifying documents must be submitted when it claims to comply with non-compulsory indexes such as GS and UL on the main image).

2.3 Property Information Publishing Rules

2.3.1 Attribute Words for Chargers
1. Brand Name
2. Model Number
3. Input, such as 120V-240V/1A
4. USB Ports
5. Output
6. Compatible Brand
7. Plug Type (American standard/British standard/Australian standard/European standard/Japanese standard/Italian standard/South African standard/universal plug)
8. Quick Charge Technology (quick charge/Qualcomm 2.0/Qualcomm 3.0/MTK MTP Pump Express/Samsung AFC/OPPO VOOC flash charging/USB PD not supported). Optional. If needed, this item must be filled in truthfully and effectively. If you need to declare that the commodity supports a quick charge technology, you are advised to add a certificate or a screenshot of the official website in the description. The platform has the right to require for authorization to check the supporting documents.

2.3.2 Attribute Words for External Battery Packs
1. Brand Name
2. Model Number
3. Battery Capacity (mAh)
4. Battery Type
5. Input Interface
6. Output Interface
7. Output
8. Support for Quick Charge (no quick charge/one-way quick charge/two-way quick charge)
9. Quality Certification of Goods (CCC/CE/RoHS/FCC/UL/PSE/GS/WEEE/BSMI/KC/MSDS)

2.3.3 Attribute Words for Mobile Phone Batteries
1. Brand Name
2. Applicable Brand
3. Applicable brand model (Level 2 attribute)
4. Battery Capacity (mAh)
5. Original or Not (original battery, brand-compatible battery)
6. Quality Certification of Goods (CCC/CE/RoHS/FCC/UL/PSE/GS/WEEE/BSMI/KC/MSDS)

3. Certification Application Scope (for Reference)


Applicable Scope


Compulsory product certification of China


Compulsory certification of the EU


Compulsory certification of the EU, the Restrictions on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Directives on Discarded Electrical and Electronic Equipment of the EU


Basic certification of North America


U.S. certification


Safety certification of Germany


Safety certification of North America


Compulsory safety certification of Japan


Australian EMC certification for electronic products


Korean certification standard


Taiwan regional certification


Energy certification of Australia


CB certification for international electricians


Electromagnetic compatibility certification of Japan, non-compulsory


Safety certification of North America


Electromagnetic compatibility


Safety sign for Dutch electrical appliances


Safety certification of Saudi Arabia


European regional certification


Compulsory certification of Argentina


Electronic product certification of Mexico


Electronic product certification of Brazil


Electronic product certification of Australia/New Zealand


German certification


Russian certification

4. Product Quality Specifications
All the goods must meet the relevant requirements of the People’s Republic of China and the quality requirements of the country of sales.

5. Non-Compliance Penalties
5.1 The seller must comply with the above-mentioned product release specifications (title and parameter description) and product quality specifications.
5.2 If the seller’s product does not conform to the product release specifications of the category, it will affect the exposure of the product and its probability of being selected into the platform’s marketing campaign.
5.3 In the following cases, AliExpress shall impose varying degrees of penalties based on the severity of product quality, including but not limited to taking illegal goods off shelves, removing them, and even freezing or closing the account in serious circumstances:
- The seller’s product does not comply with the product quality specifications f the category.
- The seller’s product is produced by a manufacturer without production qualification.
- The product does not conform to the mandatory standards of enterprises, category, or local governments in China or the country of sale.
- The product does not meet the rules published by AliExpress.

Suggestions for Sellers
The seller should describe commodity parameters via images and text as truthfully as possible. The seller should clarify information such as the defects, shelf life, and incidental goods of the commodity, so that the buyer can know about the commodity in many aspects. In this way, both parties will have a clear understanding of the commodity description, avoiding unnecessary disputes. Furthermore, the seller should conduct strict control on the quality of goods sold to achieve a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.