Announcement of Prohibit Selling for Magnetic Ball/Cubes


Dear Sellers:

        The Small, high powered magnets marketed as toys, games or puzzles can cause serious injury or death if swallowed by children which have been prohibited selling in many countries around the world. Consumer warnings have been published by authorities of different countries on such products.

        Based on this, AliExpress has taken this matter seriously and prohibit selling any magnetic ball/cube toys or other similar products to protect the safety of children. Magnetic ball or cubes whose diameter is less than or equal to 31.7 mm or magnetic flux is greater than 50 are prohibited selling on AliExpress. According to the rules (17) of << aliexpress="" and="" controlled="" information="" list="" prohibited="">> , Selling products recalled by the manufacturer or reported by regulatory authorities due to quality or safety issues will be deleted with 2 point penalty per infringement.

<< aliexpress="" and="" controlled="" information="" list="" prohibited="">

        It has been noticed that, there are still some members selling such incompliant products on AliExpress. Please take this matter seriously and check all the products in your store carefully, remove all related products promptly to avoid further punishment.



Recall/Prohibit notice of Authorities:

Australia ACCC: 
New Zealand GOV:
Canada Department of Health:
EU Union Law:
Brazil GOV:

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