Other information for EU users of AliExpress


Last updated on: 3 December 2020




We thank you for using AliExpress.


If you access and use AliExpress from, among others, a European Union member state, your contract is with Alibaba.com Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited (incorporated in Singapore with Company Reg. No. 200720572D) ("Alibaba.com”). In other cases, please refer to the Free Membership Agreement for further information.


Through the AliExpress e-commerce platform (including but not limited to the web and mobile-optimized versions of the website identified by the uniform resource locator “www.aliexpress.com” and the mobile applications of the AliExpress e-commerce platform, the “Site” or “AliExpress”) and as further described in the aforementioned Free Membership Agreement, in Alibaba.com Transaction Services Agreement (available here) or elsewhere in the Site, Alibaba.com provides an electronic web-based platform for exchanging information and concluding sale and purchase transactions of products and services online between buyers and sellers. Alibaba.com reserves the right to limit certain features and functions of the platform to prescribed members. Despite the provision of the platform through the Site, Alibaba.com does not represent the seller or the buyer in specific transactions whether or not such transactions are made on or via the Site. Alibaba.com does not control and is not liable to or responsible for the quality, safety, lawfulness or availability of the products or services offered for sale on the Site or the ability of the sellers to complete a sale or the ability of buyers to complete a purchase.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, under AliExpress buyer protection program, buyers may file a dispute and be refunded or compensated in certain scenarios mentioned in the Site, among others, in case the product is not received within the term indicated or in case the product received is materially different from that displayed in the product information page. Alibaba.com reserves the right to impose penalties and/or set off amounts against the breaching seller for these purposes.


Payment for the order placed may be made through the payment options shown and which are offered in cooperation with different partners. More details can be found in the Transaction Services Agreement (available here).


The total price for the order is shown when confirming the order. Alibaba.com shall not be entitled to charge any supplemental fee from the buyer for placing the order.


In case the currency shown in the total price is different from the currency used to settle the payment, currency exchange commissions may be charged and/or the exchange rate to be applied may be different from those proposed or offered by third parties.


In specific cases where a service is offered, references herein to sale, seller and buyer shall be understood as referring to be to service, provider and user, respectively.



Listing of products


Listing of products in the Site is subject to Alibaba.com’s rules applicable from time to time. Products that do not comply with the foregoing rules cannot be listed and may be removed at any time. Sellers which do not comply with said rules may be subject to penalties, including termination of its seller account.


Alibaba.com’s Product Listing Policy is available here. Other Posting Rules can be found here and in the Alibaba.com Transaction Services Agreement (available here). In addition, there can be also specific restrictions applicable on certain categories of goods as disclosed in the announcement section in the seller centre.


We reserve the right to charge for the listing of products in the Site, in which case the relevant fee rates will be communicated to the sellers in writing.


Alibaba.com reserves the right to feature ancillary goods and services (such as repair or warranty services) through the Site, in which case the relevant conditions (as well as any conditions under which Sellers may be allowed to offer its own ancillary goods and services) will be communicated in writing to the Sellers.



Ranking of products in search results


When searching for products and unless otherwise indicated therein, products shown in search result page are ranked by “Best Match” (relevance) criterion, which is mainly determined by an algorithm that takes into account several factors which may change over time, including in particular the pertinence regarding the keywords used or the popularity of the relevant product with other users.


Please refer to this page for more information with regard to the elements determining the ranking of products.


In the search result page users can change the criteria to rank products, choosing among one of several options, in particular:


- “Orders”: according to the volume of orders, from most ordered product number to least for that search query

- “Newest”: featuring first newly listed products

- “Price”: from highest to lowest, or from lowest to highest


Alibaba.com reserves the right to feature promoted products in the search result page and/or to charge fees to sellers who may wish to engage this service. In case a seller is paying a fee to feature certain product in search results, the affected result(s) shown will be presented in a differentiated manner from the other results shown (in particular by indicating “Ad”).



Alliance marketing program


Sellers may join the AliExpress alliance marketing program in order to get additional exposure for their product listings. Only if a buyer purchases the product through the link provided, sellers will need to pay an extra fee.


Please refer to this page for more information on the AliExpress alliance marketing program.



Selling through the Site


As provided for in Terms of Use (available here), only legal or natural persons acting in the course of business (i.e., excluding consumers) may open a seller account on the Site and offer products for sale.


Sellers that wish to join the Site are required to read, agree, and abide by the Site’s agreements and rules, including without limitation:


-         Free Membership Agreement (available here)

-         Terms of Use (available here)

-         Privacy and Cookie Policy (available here)

-         Alibaba.com Transaction Services Agreement (available here)

-         Alibaba.com Supplemental Services Agreement (available here)

-         Alipay Services Agreement (available here)

-         Product Listing Policy (available here)

-         Other Posting Rules (available here)

-         AliExpress Service Agreement for EU/EEA Sellers (available here)

-         AliExpress Seller Joining and Operation Assessment Rules for EU/EEA sellers (available here)


Failure to abide by such agreements and rules may result in penalties being imposed by Alibaba.com as determined in the applicable rules, including, where applicable, termination of a seller account.


Alibaba.com reserves the right to charge one-off or periodic fees for sellers to join the Site and/or continue to operate on it, in which case the relevant fee rates will be communicated to the sellers in writing.


The relevant rules for sellers’ onboarding and selling reflect the rates generally charged to sellers for orders placed.


Users uploading Content to the Site grant Alibaba.com certain licence regarding such Content, as described in clause 5.6 of the Free Membership Agreement.


Dispute resolution


If any dispute arises between a buyer and a seller in connection with an online transaction, you agree that the Alibaba.com Transaction Services Agreement (available here), in particular its clause 10, shall apply to the dispute, and that such dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures set forth in section 3 of that clause.


If any dispute arises between a seller and Alibaba.com, it shall be settled by amicable agreement. Should an agreement not be reached, Alibaba.com and the seller accept to subject themselves to the courts and tribunals of Hong Kong.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Alibaba.com may cooperate with mediation bodies to reach out-of-court settlement of disputes with Site sellers who are acting in the context of their commercial or professional activities. Before starting such mediation process, sellers shall attempt to resolve the controversy by contacting the Site customer service (through the free seller support online chat). Alibaba.com is not required to engage in such mediation process and this does not affect the seller’s or Alibaba.com’s right to bring legal proceedings, during or after the mediation process.